Recently Orphaned Marie-Angẻ Aceus joins Actionnel and Yolande's family.
By Actionnel Fleurisma

Born in early 1989 in the mountains of Bayonnais to Isabelle Donatien and Saint-Ange Aceus, respectively mother and father, Marie-Angẻ attended elementary school in a public school in her home town from 1st to 6th grade.

While Marie-Angẻwas in the 5th grade, her father died from a strange disease. He was just in his late 40's. About a year after Mr. Aceus death, his wife Isabelle decided to turn her life over to the Lord which she did along with her daughter ,Marie-Angẻ. They both attended the Christian Church of Bayonnais, where I (Actionnel) have served as pastor since early 2004.

Not too long after their attending our church, we discovered that Isabelle was having health problems. While the ministry would accept her daughter freely in the 7th grade at our school in Bayonnais, even though some time now we have had a very large number of students. the ministry would also send Isabelle to see the doctors in places like: Lacroix, Jonc, Gonaives, and Ennery. In addition the ministry would provide for their food.

Sadly, in early May, 2007, Isabelle died and left behind her 21 year-old son, Rito and her daughter, Marie-Ange who was almost 18 years old. So, both Rito and Marie-Angẻ have now lost both their parents. It was easy for the ministry to decide to pay the expenses for the funeral. But it was a big concern about the future of this beautiful, young and brilliant girl, Marie-Angẻ. She was in 9th grade in our school in Bayonnais.

The need being great, the Fleurisma's felt led to open their home for Marie-Angẻ. With Marie-Angẻ now in our home, we hope to help her as she starts a new life not only without her parents but also without her brother who has moved in with relatives. She has many adjustments to make in grieving the loss of her parents and now living in a new home. By her being a part of the Fleurisma family, since the end of May, she has brought with her much joy and happiness. We are all felt so blessed to have her in our home.

On the first week of August, news about the results from national exams for 9th graders came to me. I was in the USA making contacts for the ministry when news came that Marie-Angẻ was number 11 out of 137 students who took the 3-day exams in the city of Gonaives. (They were tested on Math, French, Experimental Science, Creole, English/Spanish and History). Since going back and forth to Bayonnais for school would be way too much for a young girl, we have decided that she will attend College LaRonde des Gonaives, which is in the city about a mile a way from our house.

Marie has been a true blessing for the Fleurisma family and we have seen it as another way of giving hope to somebody who is among the least fortunate in our Haitian society.

Well, my mom and my dad are still living -- glory be to God. But at the age of 18, on September 22, 1982, Rev. Michel Morisset and his wife Firolene opened the door of their home for me at Eben-Ezer Mission in Gonaives, Haiti. I joined so many others that were there also at that time and I had the the greatest privilege to attend 7th grade at the mission. It was here at this mission where I first met Mrs. Helen Hunter of Charlotte, North Carolina in July of 1985. There, a new life got started, not only for me, but also later for thousands of boys and girls in the region of Bayonnais where I along with some dear friends began a new school for Bayonnais. Here, in my home community where life has always been dark, a new work began and this would probably never had happen were it not for Rev. Michel Morisset and his wife Firolene who took me in.

(Note: Please read the "History" of the Bayonnais Mission to know the full story of how Mrs. Helen Hunter brought Actionnel to her home in Charlotte. Living with the Hunters, Actionnel attended Central Piedmont Community College. Following graduation, he went back to Bayonnais where he and four friends [Dimilsaint Mondelus, Firmin Saint-Louis, Lucner Saint-Louis, and Saint-Victor Sejour] from his mountain village of Bayonnais felt called to start a school, which they did in late 1993. Thus began OFCB Ministries that now (fall 2007) has over 1500 students in attendance. )

Who knows what Marie-Angẻ might become 25 years from now?


Actionnel Fleurisma