Continued improvements at the Medical Clinic, January 10, 2013

Graduate Nurses serving at Bethesda Health Center of Bayonnais

The Medical Clinic at work, November 9, 2012

The Medical Clinic Open for Service

View the damage from Tropical Storm Isaac on the ministry grounds

The Construction of the Medical Clinic Phase 1: From beginning to end (PDF File - 8.5MB)

New updated pictures of the completed First Phase of the Medical Clinic

New Doors are being hung on the Medical Clinic

View recent pictures of flood damage to the school building in Bayonnais

Pictures of the Medical Clinic, the School at Nicholas and the Main School Building

View a large number of photos taken in Bayonnais between December 2-4, 2011.

Video - Highlights from our recent trip to OFCB in Bayonnais, Haiti.

View pictures of the ongoing construction of the first phase of the new Medical Clinic. Thanks for the gifts of the ever growing Friends of OFCB Ministries and to the churches who have also given. These people are making the project a reality with needed funding. As the pictures show clearly, many of the Bayonnais Haitians are also making the building a reality. We already have nurses on the field (5 I believe.); and, in the not too distant future, we will have two medical doctors on staff. Most of the nurses and both of the physicians came out of OFCB ministries. The ministries supported these dedicated people as they made the long journey through nursing training and physician training. As new pictures come in from Haiti concerning the progress of the clinic.
View pictures of the nurses working with supplies and see more pictures of the clinic tents. Nurses: Picture 1 & 2; Vonise (went to school at OFCB in Bayonnais, not part of the OFCB college program); 3  Ignacie; 4 Sherloune  (both graduated from OFCB, sent to nursing school by OFCB); 7  Vonise, Sherloune, Anne-Junie with Dr. Faustin Charles; pictures of Medical Clinic; facilities on the medical lot. (PDF File)
View recent Pictures of the 2 Tents put up for treating the Cholera Patients. The tents are on the lot for the future Medical Clinic. The lot was graveled before the tents were installed.  November 22, 2010 [Contents: #1 - Front of the Tent; #4 The two tents; #6 - Temporary Building constructed last week; #10 - Treating patients inside the tent; #11 - Smaller Tent; #14 Another new building; # 17 - Nurse Anne-Junie - First nurse graduate from OFCB; #19 - Another Nurse, name not known now. (PDF File)
Cholera Epidemic - Images in Chronological Order - PDF Format - November 13-14, 2010
Cholera Images 11/13/2010
Cholera Images 11/13/2010
Cholera Images 11/14/2010  (Large File - 3MB+)

View photos of OFCB Ministries at work after the earthquake
Amilor just sent me two new pictures of work on the bridge by the government.

Amilor states, "Hello friends. Would you like to look at some pictures from the bridge? The government is doing something to lead the river under the bridge."

View pictures of the 6th Grade going into the just completed second floor on the school building. The $40,000.00 need to pay for the project was raised in one month's time. To God be the glory.  This is a pdf file. It is around 10MB in size so if you have a slow connection, give it time to download.
View ongoing construction on the second floor of the High School Building. Amilor sent these pictures to us April 3, 2009.  We just learned this week that the $40,000 needed to complete construction on the building has now been pledged.

Activities - March, 2009 - From Actionnel: "As you can see, things are very much moving around here. At least 450 students are taking a pretest in 6th grade and the bigger exams will be held in June. The language lab is being used as a classroom for the test since they needed 13 classrooms, but we only had 12. Certainly more than 15 classrooms will be needed in June."

View You Tube Video of events around Bayonnais - In this 4.5 minute video you will see the baking of bread the old fashioned way, the Bayonnais "Wal-Mart", lumber making by hand sawing, hundreds of school children, extended stomach of a starving child, the birth of a child 'in the home', a funeral possession (impressive) and a revival meeting with the OFCB Assembly building packed out 'at night' with lights on and great singing.
View a 4.5 minute video of Preval being interviewed by Peter Daniel. In the video Preval describes his first trip to the US and his impressions. He speaks of the difficulties of raising a new generation of servant-minded, educated leaders in Haiti. He also offers insight into the simple significance of an American's "showing up" in Bayonnais.
Everyday life around the school in Bayonnais. Amilor sent these pictures to us 11/6/2008
Cooking for 1500+ students - Each school day OFCB Ministry cooks prepare food for over 1500 students.  Since the hurricanes, they have also prepared food for hundreds of starving people who flocked to the school having heard that food was there.
The people of Bayonnais labor by hand repairing the flood damaged road from Gonnaives to Bayonnais. Their efforts propelled by the starvation in their stomachs as well as the starvation in the larger community, they labor relentlessly hoping to make it possible to transport larger loads of food to the School and the Bayonnais Community.
Starving People are flocking to the school in Bayonnais because they heard that there was food there.  Amilor has sent two pictures of the people standing several deep at the fence looking with longing eyes protruding from hungry stomachs.
See an overhead shot of flooded GonaÔves showing the massiveness of the destruction in the city.
More Pictures of the flood from Bayonnais - These pictures were taken prior to the pounding taken both by Bayonnais and Gonaives by Hurricane Ike which followed immediately Hurricane Hannah.
Hurricane Hannah pounds Bayonnais and Gonaives with torrential rain washing out the new bridge connection between Bayonnais and Gonaives. View pictures of the flooded bridge. The situation is horrible with hunger rampant.
See pictures from the compound of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) at St. Marc located some miles away from Gonaives and closer to Port au Prince.
View an extensive photo journal consisting of 304 images taken by Sam & Anthony Michaels. These pictures were taking December, 2007 by Sam and his son Anthony  on their mission trip to Bayonnais Ministry. Due to the size of this portfolio, give some time for the pictures to load onto your system.

View 114 recent pictures (January, 2008) taken by Steve James and the OFCB Partners -

163 Additional Pictures - Pictures of the work, the people and the mission team from Charlotte ministering.

You can download individual photos in the original resolution by just rolling over the large image on the right side of the page notice the options that appear.  Choose save photo and it will allow you to download the original image.  You can also order print copies from the site. 

Iíve only posted images from my camera, Mini Chiuís and Eric McDonnell so far.  I havenít gotten around to editing and posting the other cameras yet. - Steve James

See Peter's blog updated with videos of the action; learn what the word "konbit" means - -  Here you will find not only pictures, but content on Peter's Blog plus movie clips of the men and women working on the new school and the ladies cooking in the new kitchen - a must see!

Three movie clips of the children playing on the playground - (if you system doesn't automatically play these 16 MB files go to and click on "Free Download Now" to get your free copy of "QuickTime 7".)
Children at Play #1
Children at Play #2
Children at Play #3
Repairing the Road to Bayonnais with 200 Volunteers  - October 1, 2007
Recent Events  in Bayonnais - September, 2007:
Progress on the New School
New Bridge withstood the Flood
Main road from GonaÔves to Bayonnais rendered impassable from Hurricane
2005-2006 - The Miracle of the New Kitchen with Stoves - Imagine that you had 1400+ students and faculty to cook rice and beans for. And, further imagine that your kitchen was some tree limbs laid so as to form a small room and imagine that your stoves were nothing  but a hole in the ground with some charcoal in the hole. Above the charcoal fire you would have hanging a large black cooking pot waiting for the water, beans, oil and rice - the main diet of these students and faculty. Well, no more.

It is amazing how the Lord has put this new kitchen with the stoves and the food all together. The ministry is grateful especially to:

  1. The folks who had the dream for a Kitchen and got the ball rolling. And, to the many volunteers at OFCB Ministries who have given of themselves to this vital project.
  2. Kay Dano's brother, who lives in Houston, donated $3,000 toward the new kitchen in September, 2005. Special thanks goes to him for sowing the seed.  He and Kay will be going there in late January, so he can see the building in person.
  3. One of families of Christ Fellowship Community Church who gave the $2000 for the construction of the Kitchen.
  4. The people of Beulah Land Baptist Church of Bessemer City, NC, with Reverend Mike Criswell pastor, gave the $1400 to purchase the stoves.
  5. And, finally, special thanks to 1St Baptist Huntersville, NC that gave $11,000.00 to purchase beans and rice which will last a few months.
2004-2006 Bridge Pictures on the University of Colorado Web Site telling the story of the work of Engineers Without Borders in Bayonnais.  Click on the bottom link that says "Road Deck" for a good look at the construction of the new bridge.
2005-2006 School Pictures; Pictures of the dreadful 17 mile road to Bayonnais; Pictures of the Kitchen and of Workers fixing the Road. You will want to look at these. Click on each thumbnail for a larger view of the Pictures.
Bob Bodenhamer and Larry Autry visit the Ministry in Bayonnais Haiti (December 2003)
Progress on the New Church Building - The roof is going up June 2003  (Power Point Slides) - Very Large File - Give Pictures Time to Download.

A Celebration of Baptism April 2003 - These are great!!!  (Power Point Slides)

David Nichol's Visit March 1-6, 2003 - (Power Point Slides)

Pastor Actionnel Fleurisma and His Wife Yolando with Children Ruth, Gabriel, Gilbert and Simon

Dimilsaint's Family - Posted January 9, 2006

Power Point Presentation of the new 41,000 watt Generator - "God Gave the Increase." -(Power Point Slides)
See the Generator in its New Building

Power Point Presentation of the Ministry, the Area and Pastor Actionnel's Family - Created 2001 - (Power Point Slides)

Note: This is a very large file. Unless you have a high speed internet connection, you may not wish to "wait" on this one.

  Note: - For Power Point Presentations in the lower right corner of your Internet Explorer Browser, you will see a screen icon. Click on that to view the presentation in full screen. Click on your mouse to move from slide to slide.