OFCB Ministries of Bayonnais Haiti
(Organization of the Christian Force of Bayonnais)

"If you are planting for a year, you plant grains. If you are planting for a decade, you plant trees. If you are planting for a generation, you plant people."

Our Partner - World of God Ministries
The education of Children in Haiti and Liberia

Our purpose is to preach the Gospel spiritually and socially.  To us this means that human beings have a soul that will go to heaven. That soul has to dwell in the body and, therefore, that body has to be taken care of.  To take care of that body we have to eat, get an education and have proper medical care.

OFCB Ministries seeks to meet the needs of both body and soul.  We are located on the North side of Haiti in the state of Artibonite. Our city is Gonaives but we are in a place called Bayonnais which is 20 miles from Gonaives. Bayonnais is one of the poorest areas of Haiti. And Haiti is the poorest area in the Western Hemisphere.

In 1993 we started the school with 105 children. Now, in 2006 - 2007 we have almost 1,400 students. We go to the 13th grade. Thanks for visiting our web site.  We cherish your prayers for the children of Haiti.

Reverend Actionnel Fleurisma

   Old  School     Old Church                        New School & Church Building

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